Your Property Management Firm Should Have Two Goals:

Goal #1: Keeping You 100% Worry-Free

Goal #2: Getting Maximum Rental Dollars into Your Pocket in Minimum Time

So, if after 120 days, you don’t feel that we’ve eliminated all your worries and put maximum money in your wallet in minimum time, we’ll gladly return every penny of your management fees!


Is This What You’re Looking for in an Orlando Property Management Firm?

Goal #1. Keeping You Worry Free

If you’re considering outsourcing your property rental, rent collection, maintenance, and oversight to a property management firm, the last thing you want is more hassles and headaches. You want to eliminate the headaches of finding a renter, doing background checks, collecting deposits, collecting rents, doing routine inspections of the property, performing regularly scheduled maintenance, handling unexpected repairs…

And on and on.

If your property manager can’t keep you 100% worry-free, headache-free and hassle-free, they are simply not doing their job.

So, at Bahia, we guarantee to remove all the worries and hassles of property ownership from your life…or your money back*

How do we remove all the hassles and worries?

  1. No-Conflict Customer Service. Unlike many property management firms, we don’t own properties. We only manage them. So your property never takes a backseat to our own “pet investments”. We have every incentive to focus on your property and make your life easier.

  2. No-Hassle, High-Paying Tenants. We do all the tenant-finding dirty work for you. We do felony criminal searches, credit checks, rental history/eviction checks, social security number verifications, employment verification.

    And because of all this dirty work, we have one of the lowest eviction rates in the industry! That means less hassle and more money for you.

  3. Middle-Man Headache Removal. We act as your ambassador to the tenant. They call us (not you!) for any problems, repairs, or questions and we settle them fast. You don’t get involved…unless you want to get involved!

  4. 24-Hour Contact Guarantee. We are always available. And if you call and can’t reach the Bahia representative you need, he or she will get back to you in a maximum of 24 hours (or 1 business day)…probably much faster.

We may be a little more expensive than the “Mom and Pop” property management firms, but that’s why we can make our 120-Day Money-Back Guarantee…and they can’t.


Goal #2. Getting You Maximum Money in Minimum Time

There’s no sense in outsourcing your property management if all your profits get eaten by endless fees, expenses, and late funds transfers. That’s why we do all we can to make sure you get the most money in your bank account as quickly as possible.

Here’s How We Get You Max Money Fast

  1. Maximum Exposure Listing for Lightning Fast Rental Offers. We list and fill your rental property fast. As soon as you sign up, we’ll get your listing on the MLS, we’ll alert our army of over 200 partner realtors, we’ll list your property on over 50 rental sites, we’ll get the “for rent” sign up in your yard and we’ll post your listing to our own high-traffic rental sites.

  2. High Quality, High-Paying Renters. See above for all the dirty work we do to find renters who pay, pay on time, and keep paying…sometimes for years and years!

  3. Same Day (or Almost Same Day) Funds Transfer. Unlike our competition, we’ll never make excuses to hold onto your money any longer than we have to. Our Speedy accounting process insures that as soon as your tenant’s check clears our account, the funds are fired right in your account. Often on the very same day!

  4. Our No Nickel & Dime You to Death Pledge. We charge first month’s rent and 10% of each month thereafter. Period. No advertising fees, no set up fees, no account management fees, and no maintenance fees!

  5. Our Battle Plan for Rental Victory. If for some reason your property does not rent quickly, we’ll present you with a list of recommendations that will get it rented fast. There is zero obligation to implement our recommendations but we’ll do everything we can to help you get maximum rental dollar in minimum time.

  6. Our 10% management fee gives us every incentive to find you a high-paying, high-quality tenant who will stick around month after month and even year after year.


Sound too good to be true?

Well, as you can imagine, not every property or property owner qualifies for such a strong guarantee. So, complete the application process today by clicking the button or call us at 407-956-5441

And, of course, don’t take our word for it. Instead do two things...

  1. Check out what our happy property owners have to say about us.
    Like multiple-property owner, Ryan Hamaker...

    Since we moved all of our properties over (to Bahia), we’ve actually seen higher rentals which is fantastic and we’ve also seen higher renewal rates; again, which pushes our profitability up per property substantially.

    The great part about it is that they will tell us about the maintenance requests but then they completely take care of everything else working with our home warranty company. I am a previous property manager myself. I’ve had the opportunity to interview well over a dozen property management companies here in the area. And Bahia by far has shown that they are definitely the best in this particular area. It’s very rare that I would ever give a testimonial for any company but I am a full believer in their services and we certainly plan on using them for a long time and for the multiple properties coming up that we are in the process of purchasing.

  2. Start with a 120-day risk free trial by clicking the button.

    You have nothing to lose but your headaches, hassle and worries. And you could gain maximum money in minimum time...or your money back!


*The guarantee pertains to the management fees only, and will not include incidental cleaning & repair expenses (if applicable), nor the leasing fee that were incurred during the first 120 days.

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