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Our core values are honesty, service and efficiency. In an industry plagued with lack of transparency and poor service, we play by different rules.

If you’re struggling with issues in your Orlando investment home, we can help. From leasing your home to evicting tenants, we can do it all.

Bahia: Orlando Property Management Company

Bahia: Orlando Property Management Firm

Hi, I’m Raul Aleman, a co-founder of Bahia Property Management. Have you ever dealt with terrible property management companies in Orlando?  I sure have (like many other Orlando FL investors), and we’ve created Bahia to do a better job.

Choosing a wrong company to manage your property is frustrating and wastes money. As a real estate broker, I met many owners who were fed up with their property managers due to poor service.

Using my engineering background with a graduate degree from MIT, I envisioned a solution. Together with my cofounders, we built a Property Management Company with flawless process.

Bahia Property Management aims to set the standard for Property Management in Orlando. After reading the testimonials from our clients, I am sure you’ll agree we’ve succeeded.

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We Do More Than Manage Your Home for Rent in Orlando


Your rental property in Orlando is a significant asset.  Whether you’re an “accidental landlord” or a seasoned investor, you want a solid rent income.

Unfortunately, it’s not as simple as finding any property manager.

We’ve heard stories from many of our clients who came to us after hiring other property managers. Simply put, many property managers do not do what they said they would. When it comes time for them to act, they’re unavailable. Tenants suffer as a result, and owner’s time and money get wasted.

Bahia’s system is designed to be better. Things get done. Tenants are not left out in the cold. After seeing the way Bahia works, many owners are ecstatic that they don’t have to micromanage.

We do more than manage your homes for rent in Orlando. We give you peace of mind that your property is in good hands, so you can focus on more important things.

We Give You Peace of Mind and
Time to Focus on More Important Things

Property Management Orlando: What You Should Look For vs What to Avoid

Many investors come to us after receiving poor service from other property managers. Based on what we’ve heard, here are Property Management Companies to Avoid:

1) Avoid Property Management Companies without a real office.

If you can’t walk into their office and meet real people, it’s a red flag. We’ve seen some companies operating out of a 1 room rental space with no staff. Think about it: Who will they send to check on your property? Who will your tenants contact when the sole operator goes on vacation or gets sick? It’s worth taking the time to visit your property manager’s office.

2) Avoid Management Companies that delay in paying you (sometimes indefinitely).

This is a sign that something is wrong with their accounting. Some companies wait 3 – 4 weeks to pay you, which is slow. There are worse managers that do not pay you even a month after receiving rent.

3) Avoid Property Managers who do not return your phone calls or emails.

If you can’t get hold of someone within 24 hours it’s bad enough. If no one returns your call or email in 48 hours, they’re either too disorganized or overwhelmed to help you.

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Things You Should Look For in an Orlando Property Manager.

1) Good reputation and a well established track record.

Customer experiences speak volumes. Pay attention to the property owners’ views as well as the tenants’.  Seek well established company with a solid process.

2) Reliable and fast payment of rent income.

We said a company withholding your rent is a red flag.  A good manager will ensure that you receive your rent like clockwork, in your bank account.

3) Pick a Property Manager that responds quickly to your inquiries.

Whether by phone, email or other means, your property manager should be easy to get hold of.  Because responsive team will resolve issues faster.

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What Sets Bahia Apart from Other Firms?

Honesty Service Efficiency

Our core values are Honesty, Service and Efficiency. In an industry plagued with lack of transparency and poor service, we play by different rules.

Effective, Efficient Leasing Practice

You only get one chance to screen unqualified tenants before they move in. Once they’re in, it’s much harder to get them out.

Our tenant background check is more thorough and personal compared to other firms. Most firms just perform credit history checks. We also verify previous rental/eviction history and employment history. We require proof of income. We check national and local criminal & sexual offenders database.

We go the extra mile because getting a quality renter is the best way to ensure stable rent payment.

As a result, we have One of The Lowest Eviction Rates in the Business.

Accurate, Efficient Accounting (Fast deposit of your rent income):

Through our online owner portal, we make all transactions transparent. You’ll know the exact cash flow of your rental homes with receipts.

Bahia’s quick payment schedule sets us apart from other Orlando property management companies. Instead of making you wait 30 days, we deposit the income into your bank account as soon as the payment clears. For most ownes, this means your rent is in your bank by 7th or 8th of each month.

Property Protection (Maintenance, Repair and Inspections)

Bahia’s maintenance team is responsive and gets rave reviews from owners and tenants!

  • All tenants can access our 24 x 7 Emergency Line for serious maintenance issues.
  • We hire only licensed and insured vendors to perform repairs to your home.
  • Our field agent performs annual interior inspection to detect any maintenance issues.

Fair Rates (No hidden fees)

  • We ask for the first month’s rent and the 8-10% (depending on the number of properties) of monthly rent thereafter.
  • No hidden fees: This means there are no extra charges for advertising and no markup for vendor fees.
  • No kickbacks, finder’s fees, or up charges for repair business. Sure, we’ll let you know who we think is reputable, but the final decision is yours unless you want us to go ahead and contact a repair business for you. Orlando Property Managers.
  • Some Orlando Property Managers have kickback agreement with vendors – we do not. We have a list of recommended vendors, but final decision of who to use will be up to you.

Fast Efficient Services (Responsive team)

We’ll have a full team of property management experts assigned to your property. You can reach us on any business day, and someone live will help help resolve your issues or questions.

See the list of our Orlando Property Management Services.

Contact us today to talk with our Orlando office right away.

TRY US RISK-FREE – with a 120 day Money Back Guarantee

We’re confident that you’ll love the way Bahia works. If, after 120 days, you don’t feel fully satisfied, you can cancel the agreement and receive full refund of the management fees (leasing fee excluded).

Reviews from Orlando Investors & Rental Home Owners

We have been with Bahia now for almost 5 years who have been managing our property. They are very proactive about taking care of maintenance issues etc. when items come up. They get quotes and then send pictures of the work before and after. Doreen Willis is the Maintenance Manager and she is very professional about ensuring these issues are addressed. They do a good job at getting tenants in who pay rent on time etc. I highly recommend this Property Management company.

Rabi Ratnesar

Property Owner

I have used Bahia Property Management since 2013.  They do a fantastic job of taking care of every detail to the point where I don’t even think about it.  In fact sometimes I forget I even have a rental property.  I have had 2 long term tenants and never had any issues.  I loved the move out report when a tenant leaves with pictures and details.  The tenant left the unit clearner than when I preppred it myself.  Bahia will clean and return any funds if the tenant violated anything.  Their portal for reports and end of year tax statements and P&L for the owner are easy to access.  No issues with direct deposit process either.  I only wished I had found them sooner when I had more properties.

Jeff Sicuranza

Property Owner

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