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Once you make the decision to use a property management company in Orlando to protect, care for and rent your investment property, your most important decision at that time will be to know which company to hire. But beware, you should be very alert as you can read below that your decision may be the difference between a safe income stream or investment return and without any worry or vice versa, having to deal with headaches and even a constant loss of monthly income.
Follow us here reading so you can learn some of the most unscrupulous tricks of some dishonest firmas in this process.
We are sure that when you finish reading our information you will understand much better the world of housing management and in that way

Bahia Orlando Property Management Company,

We will be 100% sure that you will work with the firm that best fits your criteria.

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Hi, I’m Raul Aleman, the owner & CEO of the Property Management Company “Bahia Property Management”.
How it has happened to many people in Florida, I have had a first-line experience with unscrupulous administrators in Orlando and, in that way, I have been able to learn about the serious problems that owners face when choosing the wrong company to manage their investment.
During my years of experience in the real estate industry along with my graduate degree I have from the University of Massachusetts MIT, I decided to create a gold standard Property Management in Orlando. that will guarantee safety and confidence.

We have been successful with “Bahia Property Management” Florida and I am totally sure that you will agree after reading the comments of our clients.Next, Take a look at the testimonials of our current and highly satisfied clientele so you can see how you will feel when working with us.

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Security in your investment
Your property, Your home

If you are like most of our clients, your rental property in Orlando is for sure a very personal significant investment that you are proud of.
You may have bought it as an investment, perhaps bought it as a second home or vacation home or, perhaps you have moved and are hoping to keep it until you get another property where you can make your new investment. Orlando property management companies.
Whatever your situation is if you are reading this is because you are already looking to Maximize Your Return on your Investment.

But at the same time, if you are like most homeowners in Orlando, you are also very concerned about who can trust the administration of this property safely, honestly and effectively.
Frankly when it comes to your investment, your money, your assets, and your financial future, no one has to tell you how important this is to you.

The first thing you should do is look up information and compare firms. I know it seems strange to you to tell you to look at our competition. But this only makes a lot of sense.
We are also sure that after you visit and see what the competition offers you and have compared us to them, we will be 100% sure that you will choose Bahia Property Management.

Have you been reading us until now? And then you will ask?

What should I look for in a Property Management Orlando

That is a very good question!
That is why we will talk about the negative first and about what you do not want to happen.

Common things that should be avoided

  • Always verify that the company is real – This may seem a piece of very obvious advice but in this current economic environment in which we live there are all kinds of scams and con man and Orlando in that kind of things is no exception.
    One of the examples What I can give you is that recently there was an Orlando business that was closed because it collected the rents of all the tenants of its clients and they were left for them, informing the owners of the properties that had not been rented or that the tenants had not paid. So always take the time to visit the company’s office and make sure you’re negotiating with a recognized and honest Orlando property management company.
  • Always check that the “Business” with which you are going to work always has the reputation of paying immediately – Many firms keep the money for a long time and sometimes creating delays in their payment and taking up to a whole month. There will always be excuses like “sometimes there are accounting problems” and “there are always some delays in the service” and sometimes they even say “you have to wait to make sure the funds are there”, but there are no good excuses. You must have your money at the time the tenant pays, period, after all, that money is yours. Property management establishments near me.
  • Do not work with those business that also administer properties of which they are the same owners – Many of these Orlando home enterprise own their own properties and homes and you can hardly blame them for how they act because the prices will never be better than they are now. Property Managers Orlando.
    Think well and here I ask you a question: will not it really be that those firms that rent their own properties have to choose between renting their own or renting theirs? And I also asked: What do you think is the property that is going to be rented first? And my third question: Where do you believe that the business that has its own properties is going to place the best tenants? in his? or yours?
  • Do not work with Home-based enterprise that have their offices in the same house where they live (home-based business), as one of the most common complaints we always hear is that of home-based property owners in Orlando who “can never communicate with the firm” and sometimes it takes a lot of time to return a call just to start solving the problem you wanted to talk about.
    Imagine all the problems that would be dealing with enterprise based on the same house of a family while dad and mom argue? We could speak from hundreds of stories and stories of clients that have been changed to Our Firm because of this.

Your peace of mind

  • Beware of those “property management corporations” that insist on using their own repair business – This is a red flag as these firms also try to convert their own client portfolios into more positive money for them and will affirm that they will use the same “business of experienced repairs “that they use in their properties to do all those “necessary repairs” that their property needs.
    We warn you – What happens if the property management company has had a bribe contract with the repair company? and I ask you again: Should not have this property management firm an alternative option instead of having only one solution (the same corporation from them)? and my next question: Should not you make the last decision in relation to this?
  • Beware of a Deal “too good to be true” – This is what happens: the magnificent offer they make will be charged in future phantom expenses. Do not let them cheat you or lie to you for a fake deal.
    If you pay for an apple you will get an apple. Always remember that if a company tells you that they offer you a deal it does not mean that it is the best deal for you.
    A good example would be: when a firm requests 100% of the first month of rent (those are reasonable and standard rate throughout the industry), you can be sure that it is a serious and honest firm. But what if we now say that a enterprise offers 50% discount on the first month’s rent? Well, we will say that here it most likely sounds like a deal, But in the fine print and it will not take long from you to realize that you have been cheated and there are a lot of ways in which you end up paying more than 200%.
    There will be ghost spending and excessive charges related to advertising costs, repair costs and even costs of removing dead animals if you do not realize that they are cheating.

Things you should look for in an honest Managers Business.

It is always imperative that you ask and be well informed of this whole process.
Never stopped looking for a property manager in the city of Orlando to treat him as a client and not as a numerical figure. Investment management.

Work with a business that deals exclusively with property management and does not have other parallel businesses such as “repair business” or their own homes for rent. We will always solve all your problems because that is what you are paying for.


Are you curious about what do we do better than other firms?

Honesty Service Efficiency

Honesty Service Efficiency: Bahia Property Management Orlando is the perfect firm for those who have been scammed by unscrupulous corporations. We have earned a solid reputation for our honest and exceptional services and high efficiency while doing our job. Poinciana property management.

Income Protection (We make sure you get the right tenant…fast!):

we do not own any property so we are fully focused on helping you get what you need and deserve. To get you what you want we use a strong advertising strategy that will make us find the right tenant for your Orlando property. If the process takes a little more time than it should, we will examine again the property and look for any possible reasons it hasn’t been rented. Property managers in Orlando.

In addition, we will report to you all of our findings and will recommend the adjustments that need to be done. As a professional Property Management company, we will check all of the histories of possible tenants for your safety. Some of the reports that we handle are:

  • felony criminal search
  • credit check
  • rental and eviction history
  • social security number verification and
  • employment verification among others.

All of this adds up to One of The Lowest Eviction Rates in the Business.

Fast Efficiency Accounting (You’ll get all your money immediately):

One of the main reasons we are at the top of all property management firms in Orlando is because or careful accounting. We pay the same day that the tenant pays us.

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Property Protection (We make sure your property stays in Excellent Conditions)

There are some corporations that take care of renting your home and then forget about it, that’s NOT us.

  • We will make sure to solve any future problem regarding your home.
  • Your future tenant will know that it’s important for us that the house stays under perfect conditions and, if your house requires some repairs, we will work fast before that turns into a notorious problem.

Fair Rates (We charge competitive rates in exchange for outstanding services)

  • We all need to get pay and we work for commissions. In this case, all we ask is the first month’s rent and the 8-10% (depending on the number of properties) of each monthly rent thereafter… that’s all, so we will make sure you make money.
  • Remember that we are here just to advise you, you have the last word on any decision and we won’t hit you over the head with a 2X4 either.
  • No kickbacks, finder’s fees, or up charges for repair business. Sure, we’ll let you know who we think is reputable, but the final decision is yours unless you want us to go ahead and contact a repair business for you. Orlando Property Managers.
  • We won’t charge you “Set Up” or “Extra” Fees

Fast Efficient Services

(We are always there for you)

As we already said, Orlando Property Management Services will be always there for you.  You will have a property manager assigned to you and who will make sure you’re comfortable with all the process.

Contact us now and talk to our Orlando office right away. If the person you are searching for is not there, he or she will reach out to you within 24 hours, and most likely that same day. Orlando Rental Property Entrerprise.

We know that you found us and kept reading because you know that we are trustworthy and will give you peace of mind. Rental Property Services in Orlando

TRY US RISK-FREE – Count with a 120 day Money Back Guarantee

If after 120 days of our contract you don’t feel fully satisfied, we will terminate your contract without penalty at all and we will refund our fees. Property management corporations in Orlando.

Want to know what people say about us?

“Thank You to everyone at Bahia Property Management, everyone has made this an excellent experience. We have used Bahia to manage all of our multiple properties for over two years.”

Jaime Martinez

Property Owner

We’ll make sure your tenants understand their maintenance responsibilities and we’ll make sure they keep their side of the bargain. We are so sure that you’ll love the quality of our Property Management services.

Andreas Tziotis

Property Owner

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