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I’m Raul Aleman and I’m the owner of Bahia Property Management. Like many Florida landlords, I’ve dealt with problematic Orlando property managers. I have seen the kinds of issues owners face in selecting the wrong company. I put years of experience in the real estate industry together with a graduate degree from MIT and set out to create a Gold Standard Property Management company in Orlando.

I think we’ve succeeded with Bahia, and I’m pretty sure you’ll agree. Take a look at the testimonials from real, satisfied clients below to see how you’ll feel too.

Orlando Property Managers – Services for Landlords

  • Rent your home fast. We lease most properties within 21 days (often much sooner during the summer).
  • A qualified tenant. With clean background, verified credit, income and employment, and a good rental history.
  • Receive your rent on time every month. Our team will keep your tenant accountable.
  • 24/7 emergency maintenance line. We take care of maintenance emergencies so you don’t have to.
  • Move-in/Move-out report. Detailed reports with photos upon move in and move out. This keeps tenants accountable for any damages.
  • Online owner portal. Have all receipts, financial statements and tax documents in one place.
we guarantee our tenants

12 Month Tenant Guarantee

12 Reasons Why Landlords Choose Bahia Property Management

  1. Reliable Rent Collection: Bahia’s effective rent collection process eliminates delinquency and non-payments.  Even during the Covid-19 pandemic, our rent collection success rate has been over 99%.  Owners enjoy having a reliable source of income every month.
  2. 24-hour Emergency Response Line: We handle urgent issues (such as flooding) 24/7.   As a busy landlord, you can focus on your priority while we take care of your rental.
  3. Leasing to Qualified Tenants: We screen every tenant who moves in. We review their credit, background, employment, income and rental history.  We know all the red flags to avoid, so you won’t have to deal with a problem tenant later.
  4. 12 Month Tenant Guarantee: You deserve a qualified tenant in your home. If a tenant we place is removed within the first year, we’ll replace the tenant without charging a lease fee.
  5. No Hidden Fees: Some rental management companies add extra charge for every repair. We have no upcharges, kickbacks or hidden fees. We upload all vendor receipts to your online owner account, so you’ll know exactly where your money goes.
  6. Attorney Prepared Lease: Our attorney specializes in Landlord Tenant Law, and our lease protects your interest.
  7. Detailed Report with Photos:  We create move-in/move-out reports with photos that show your property in detail.  This will keep tenants accountable if they end up causing damages.
  8. Tenant Management: Our team has years of experience resolving tenant problems. We make sure your tenant complies with the lease and community regulations.
  9. Fully Bilingual Staff: Our team is English-Spanish bilingual. Several areas in Greater Orlando has large Hispanic communities. Our bilingual team makes renting in these communities easier.
  10. Accredited by Better Business Bureau:  BBB accreditation stands for the highest standards of business conduct. We’re accredited and rated A+ by BBB.
  11. International Clientele: Owners from over 23 countries trust us with managing their rental properties. We can assist with home sales or tax ID issues for international investors.
  12. 120 Day Satisfaction Guarantee: We’re committed to excellence in customer service. If you’re not thrilled about the way Bahia works after 120 days, we’ll refund your management fees.

Testimonials from Orlando Property Owners

Bahia Property Management - Landlord Testimonial

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“I’m very happy with the tenants that Bahia gets… They really do great background checks.  It’s been years since I’ve had any problems like needing to evict.”

– Mary Ann S.  Apartment Owner
Bahia PM Client

Meet The Bahia Property Management Team

You know what it’s like being a landlord. When a problem starts, it can drain hours of your time and increase your stress.  All of the responsibilities rest with you.

It can be anything from handling the 2am call about a leaking toilet or dealing with rent that is 3 weeks past due. When you own many properties, such problems keep increasing.

There is a simple, inexpensive solution. You can delegate all day-to-day tasks to a good property management company. This includes tenant management (compliance, rent collection) and handling maintenance issues.

Our experienced & dedicated team can make your life easier. Contact us today to discuss your needs in detail.

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A Well Managed Home, So You Can Live Life™

As a landlord, you should not have to worry about the quality of tenants that live in your property.  You deserve an excellent company who takes care in selecting your tenants. A good manager will handle all day-to-day tasks, giving you freedom to enjoy your life.

Bahia was voted one of the best Orlando property management companies.  We take care of landlords and owners who want to avoid nightmare tenants and enjoy more freedom.

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