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Buying/Selling Investment Properties with Bahia Property Management

Investors: Find Properties with Existing Cash Flow

Buying a home, fixing it up and advertising for renters can take weeks if not months. If you buy a tenant-occupied property, you start receiving rent immediately.

If you’re looking for an investment property with existing cash flow, working with Bahia Property Management can give you an advantage:

Whenever one of our clients decides to sell, we inform our clients about the opportunity. Many properties have existing tenants. Since we’re already managing the property, everything will run smoothly after your purchase.

Need to Sell? Work with Our Pool of Investors to Save Time and Commissions

Each year, we assist hundreds of investors buy, sell and manage properties in Florida. If you decide to sell your property, we can share the opportunity with investors that are looking to add to their portfolio.

Many owners wait until the lease expires to sell their property. When selling to our investors, you don’t have to wait, as investors prefer a tenant-occupied property. That means faster sales for you!

We discount our real estate commission whenever we represent the sale of an existing client. You can contact your property manager, or call 407-334-5277 to discuss a sale of your property.