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About Us

Get to Know Your Orlando Property Management Team

When it comes to choosing property management services in Orlando, Florida, the professionals at Bahia Property Management recognize that it boils down to four key elements:

  1. Trust
  2. Expertise
  3. Delivery of Services that Meet or Exceed Expectations
  4. Peace of Mind Real Estate Ownership

For each client, the Bahia Property Management team uses these four elements as a foundation for their business philosophy. Under the leadership of Jennifer Cook, Raul Aleman & Ricardo Aleman, Bahia’s proven property management success is evidenced by the many Orlando real estate investors and property owners from around the world who entrust their valued assets into Bahia’s capable hands.

Whether you own property now or plan to acquire it, be sure to contact Bahia Property Management to discuss how our property management credentials and experience can work for you.

Meet Our Team

Picture of Raul Aleman

Raul Aleman


Raul Aleman has successfully worked in the Miami real estate and property management fields for over 10 years. Before establishing Bahia Realty Group and Bahia Property Management, Raul was affiliated with Charles Rutenberg Realty, growing his real estate office into a $5 million volume business. Raul has made his mark within the Miami real estate community as a consummate property management professional, helping real estate owners at home and abroad in the daily management of their Miami properties.

A native-born Venezuelan, Raul grew up steeped in ways that give him the ability to speak “tu idioma.” This language skill is an asset not only for serving international clients but also for broadening the market opportunities for tenant acquisition.

Raul holds a Masters of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the prestigious Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). He is currently co-owner of both Bahia Realty Group and Bahia Property Management of Miami, Florida. Prior to establishing the Bahia companies, Raul served an an Executive Director (CEO) at Petroleos de Venezuela S.A. (PDVSA), the fifth-largest oil company in the world.

“Even though the world of real estate has changed, I’m still very passionate about helping my clients capitalize on the benefits of property ownership beyond just buying and selling. I adhere to sound property management practices to help turn each real estate investment into a profitable revenue stream generator.”
Raul Aleman
Picture of Jennifer Cook

Jennifer Cook


Jennifer Cook is a professional property manager and real estate professional, with years of experience in managing both rental and investment properties, as well as helping clients buy and sell real estate throughout the Miami area.

Fluent in Spanish, Jenn can assist both international and domestic clients with their Miami-based property management needs, especially helping them understanding the nuances of property ownership by foreign investors.

Jenn is also co-owner of Bahia International Realty, a successful Miami-based residential and commercial real estate firm.

Jennifer holds a Bachelors Degree in Communications and Spanish from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

“In today’s economy, owning property in the Orlando market may be a wise investment, yet many are concerned about the day-to-day oversight required. As property management professionals, my team and I are dedicated to eliminating those concerns for ‘hassle-free’ real estate ownership, from screening tenants and collecting rents to using licensed contractors for property maintenance and upkeep.”
Jennifer "Jenn" Cook
Picture of Ricardo Aleman

Ricardo Aleman

“We created Bahia Property Management because we believed owners deserve a company with high standards and good communication. My purpose is to solve our clients’ problems so that they can enjoy peace of mind while we take care of their investment properties.”
Ricardo Aleman
Picture of Sonia Frederick

Sonia Frederick

Regional Business Development Manager
Picture of Milainy Villalobos

Milainy Villalobos

Property Manager
Picture of Gloriann Trujillo

Gloriann Trujillo

Bookkeeping/Corporate Accountant/Quality Control Officer
Picture of Leticia Murguey

Leticia Murguey

Property Manager
Picture of Leydi Espitia

Leydi Espitia

Office Manager
Picture of Liset Basulto

Liset Basulto

Executive Assistant
Picture of Juan Arrieta

Juan Arrieta

Maintenance Dept Manager
Picture of Eli Izquierdo

Eli Izquierdo

Customer Success Manager
Picture of Sonia Perdomo

Sonia Perdomo

Picture of Paola Moreno

Paola Moreno

Accounting Dept Manager
Picture of Sergio Florez

Sergio Florez

Field Agent
Picture of Roonald Jhaky

Roonald Jhaky

Cancellations Coordinator
Picture of Yulieth Montoya

Yulieth Montoya

Maintenance Dept | Claims Manager
Picture of Kelly Buitrago

Kelly Buitrago

Compliance Dept | Renewal Dept
Picture of Ivan Estrada

Ivan Estrada

Leasing Manager
Picture of Dave Martinez

Dave Martinez

Compliance Dept
Picture of Carla Dominguez

Carla Dominguez

Maintenance Dept
Picture of Sandra Dominguez

Sandra Dominguez

Listing Coordinator
Picture of JP Chica

JP Chica

Sales Manager
Picture of Karen Montoya

Karen Montoya

Sales Representative

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