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Improve Your Cash Flow

Improve Your Cash Flow

Rental Property Investors: Improve Your Cash Flow Without Sacrificing Your Peace of Mind

Right now, many investors are looking to build their portfolio through acquiring more properties.  However, increasing your rental property’s profit should not cost you your peace of mind. 

No landlord enjoys dealing with unpredictable behaviors of their tenants.  Calling your tenants about missed rent payment, or handling repair requests on weekends are never fun, and can become especially stressful if you own more than one property.  

Whether you own a few or a dozen properties, a good property manager can improve your cash flow while keeping the administrative issues from becoming a nuisance in your life.

Plugging the Holes in Your Cash Flow Bucket: How Bahia Property Management Prevents Income Loss and Increase Profit for Your Property

“Bahia has been an outstanding management company for my 12-unit apartment building and single family home rentals in Tampa, FL. Bahia’s staff are honest, competent, and reliable. They returned my 12-unit apartment building to profitability–an outstanding feat.”  – Molly

Many landlords have holes in their cash flow bucket: They are consistently experiencing loss of income due to poor management process.  Bahia has a full team of professionals dedicated to efficient management of your rental properties.  Here are a few of the ways in which we have plugged the holes in our clients’ cash flow:

  1. Quality Tenant Selection: By far, the most expensive mistake a landlord can make is putting wrong tenants in their properties.  This usually leads to thousands of dollars in lost rent and eviction costs.  Our strict tenant screening process ensures only qualified tenants with stable income and a clean background will be allowed to sign the lease.

  2. No-Nonsense Rent Collection:  Another common reason for income loss is tenants not paying on time, gradually becoming months behind in payments.  With Bahia’s Zero Tolerance Rent Collection policy, over 99% of tenants pay on time, every single month.  We’re so relentless that we have dedicated staff members for this purpose!  Even during the pandemic, we’ve managed to get over 99% of tenants to be current with their rent payment.

  3. Market Research and Rent Increase:  Losing sight of the rental market direction can cost you thousands of dollars in potential profit.  In a hot rental market, average rent can increase over 5-10% in a single year.  We research the market before pricing each rental property, which allows your property to be leased quickly while giving you maximum profit that the current market allows.  Every year during lease renewal, we do another research to ensure we can increase rent according to market trends.

Effective Property Management Process = Strong Cash Flow

Imagine having a predictable income stream that increases each year according to market trends.  Having an effective property management team will make it possible with minimal involvement from you, so that you can focus on other, more important things.