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Tired of Being a ‘Do-It-Yourself’ Landlord?

DIY Landlord and His Wife Say “Enough is Enough!” After Their Last Tenant Eviction 


Bill’s Story

Bill is a proud owner of 2 rental properties in Orlando.  The income from these properties was going to help Bill and his wife live comfortably when they retired.

Bill chose to manage the properties on his own, thinking he would save money…

But after 2 years, he was feeling the burden of being a DIY (Do It Yourself) landlord.

One of the tenants constantly paid 3 – 4 weeks late.  Each month, she would offer some excuse for being late.  Bill would have to chase the tenant til the end of the month to get paid.

The other tenant trashed the home and did not pay rent…  Finally, Bill had to professionally evict him.

Bill and his wife found themselves worrying at night,  “When is our tenant going to pay rent?”  “How much will it cost us to fix the house they trashed?”

Instead of funding their comfortable retirement, their properties became a source of constant worry.

Enter Bahia Property Management

It is at this point Bill chose to consider hiring a property management company.

After speaking with our property manager for nearly an hour explaining the situation to her, Bill felt she understood his concerns and what had to be done.

Instead of promising him a “dream”, the property manager laid out a realistic plan of the steps she would take to get the situation under control.

Feeling that the property manager knew her business, Bill decided to try letting her manage one property as a “test drive”.  He soon discovered that the property manager and her team were responsive and easy to communicate with.  At each milestone, the team informed him what was going on.

Soon the home was repaired and the property was listed for rent.

As new tenants signed the lease, Bill and his wife found that they no longer worried about the property at night.

Bahia Property Management: We Help Lessen Your Stress

After a few weeks Bill decided to have Bahia manage his 2nd property, saying “You helped lessen our stress.  I feel you’re always ready to speak with me and your team responds quickly.  I feel that I can trust you.”

As a “Do It Yourself” landlord, trust was a big factor for Bill in choosing a property management company.  We are entrusted by hundreds of owners like Bill with homes in Orlando.

Your Time is Too Precious to Micromanage Your Tenants.  Contact Us Today to Free Up Your Time.

Having a dependable property management service will free up your time to do more important things. Please contact us at 407-956-5441 or fill out the form below.

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