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Find Great Tenants for Your Rentals

We Keep the Wrong Tenants Out of Your Orlando Rental Properties 

You want the best qualified renter for your rental property.  Unfortunately, the current market is full of unqualified, even dishonest tenants. You may already have experienced one of these situations:

1) Your tenants look great at the start, but soon become late in rent payment.

Each time they tell you “I had an emergency.  I can pay you next Friday…”  You start having to chase them down to collect rent.  They keep falling behind with no hope of catching up.  When they vacate, they end up owing you several months’ rent.

2) Your tenants disappear completely without paying rent.

They do not return your phone calls or emails.  When you go to your property, you find it deserted and in a horrible condition.  Broken furniture.  Piles of trash.  Missing appliances.  You call the police, but they tell you “it’s a civil matter” so they can’t help.

Some of these tenants are actual con artists taking advantage of trusting landlords.  Most likely, much of the information on their rental application is not true.

Did you know that 3 out of 10 tenants will try to hide information while applying to rent?  Most often they hide criminal or eviction related information.  Many landlords miss these, and let wrong people into their properties.

3) You have to evict a tenant after months of nonpayment.

After weeks of waiting for the judge to grant you permission to evict, you end up with a trashed house with thousands of dollars in damages and unpaid rent.

Most evictions do not happen due to “bad luck” but because of  1) Poor tenant selection and 2) Lack of effective rent collection process in place.    Evictions can and should be prevented.

Bahia Property Management: We Find Great Tenants with 99% Success Rate

Our extensive marketing and thorough screening process get results.  Over 99% of tenants we place will pay rent on time every month.  That kind of success doesn’t happen by accident.

What We Do Differently To Achieve 99% Success

1) Extensive Marketing

Our proprietary marketing system attracts a large volume of interested renters.  This allows us to choose the best candidates to rent your property.

2) Extreme Background Check

We have one of the most stringent screening standards in the industry.  The process involves both automated and human staff checking for all available information on the potential renter.  We catch people that try to sneak through the application process through omission of critical facts.

3) Zero Tolerance Rent Collection

Placing the tenant is only the beginning.  Left alone, many tenants will start to pay late.  Our Zero Tolerance Rent Collection policy trains the tenants to pay on time every month.  As a result, 80% of our tenants pay on or before the 1st of the month.  And 99% of the tenants pay before the 5th of the month.

Already have tenants that are paying late?  As long as they’re not too far behind, we can help them start paying on time.

We Can Do This For Your Property, Too.

Imagine what it would feel like to get paid on time, every month.  Our smooth payment process puts rent in your bank account before the 10th of each month, like clockwork.  No more having to chase down tenants for weeks to get paid!

Contact Bahia Property Management via the form below, and we can start discussing how best to rent your Orlando property.


Bahia Property Management is Rated A+ & Accredited By Better Business Bureau

Why do over 400 owners trust Bahia Property Management to professionally manage their rental properties?  The reason is simple: We help lessen their stress of rental property ownership.

120 day money back guarantee

120 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want to make it easy for you to try Bahia Property Management’s services.  That’s why we’ve extended our Satisfaction Guarantee period to 120 days.  If you choose to cancel our services within the guarantee period, no hard feelings.  You’ll get all of the management fees back (excluding any lease fees, if we placed a tenant) and there’ll be no penalties.